Present Plus was founded by Damian Bradfield & Nalden, brought together by an innate passion for solving problems. We recognised that as a society, today‚Äôs most pressing issue is the scarcity of time, attention and trust. When we’re not building, but investing, we aim to be the first in via pre-seed or seed to maximize startups and help them reach the next phase of their journey. View portfolio.

Present Plus Film is run by Joppe Rog & Jessica Beckett. We believe the best way to tell a story, online, is through video. The studio’s award-winning team is proud to count Sonos, Mercedes-Benz, New York Times, adidas and Elle as their clients’ and is becoming notorious for their non-fiction, cinematographic film. View showreel.

In 2016 WeTransfer acquired the design team of Present Plus. Interested in joining them? Get in touch.